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About the partners

Adrian Lee Bock
Chief Investment Officer

B Compt Hons

During 1994 to 1997, Adrian completed his articles with Fisher Hoffman PKF, having left when he was a Senior Supervisor, in charge of some of the firm's high profile audits. Adrian was a member of both the firm's Technical and Marketing Committee. During his final year of articles, Adrian was involved in Due Diligence work, examples being the take-over of a timber company by a listed company, and the valuation for the purchase of a niche retail bank.

Adrian has spent the past six years in the United Kingdom, gathering experience with some high profile companies.A brief summary of his roles include:

A year with Accenture Consulting in London – in a high profile outsourcing deal whereby his team was tasked with the strategy and financial management of a listed UK retail company, and Three years with Deutsche Bank in London – in a high profile role where Adrian was the Operations Controller of various Derivative Products. Areas of speciality were Commodities and Global Equity Derivatives.

With the knowledge gained at Deutsche Bank, Adrian has been trading commodities for his own account since leaving the bank in 2001. He uses a combination of technical, fundamental and seasonal analysis as a means of trade selection. On a fortnightly basis, he furnishes a technical research document on Gold, and the main US Indices, the US Dollar and any topical trades prevailing at the time.

Sven Steen-Nielssen
Chief Financial Officer

B Compt Hons, CA (SA)

Prior to co-forming Bock and Nielssen, Sven completed his articles at Fisher Hoffman PKF where he was appointed Professional Assistant to the Managing Partner of the Cape Town office. After qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1995, Sven departed for London to gain exposure to the world of financial markets. In London, Sven contracted himself to a number of leading global financial organisations:

Apax Partners - largest privately owned venture capital firm in the world,
UBS Warburg - Managing UK and European Cash Equities Desk – concentrating on Balance Sheet risk and Profits and Loss Accounts,
Natwest Global Financial Markets - Implementing a Capital Reporting System under the Bank of England's Capital Adequacy Directive, and
Credit Suisse First Boston - contracted to London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong offices – within the Fixed Income Derivatives business unit, concentrating on risk management and product control.

In 1999, Sven commenced trading cash equities, contracts for differences, futures, options and warrants for his own account.

Sven returned to Cape Town in 2001 and consulted to various organisations, viz. Newmed, Gensec and Old Mutual Plc, on various financial issues.

Sven is a graduate of the University of South Africa and a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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