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About Bock and Nielssen

The Beginning
B & N was founded by two entrepreneurs, Adrian Bock and Sven Nielssen, who identified a need for a hands on, all encompassing Financial Services provider.

Having both returned from successful professional assignments in the UK, it became apparent that a need had arisen for an innovative, dynamic and dedicated financial service provider with a difference.

The South African together with the global market environment is undergoing a structural change, in that a distinctive move is afoot for young entrepreneurs to go it alone, rather than waiting in the wings within a large corporate environment.

Unfortunately the financial services industry hasn't necessarily kept abreast with the requirements of this structural stage. Hence our formation.

Our Mission
B & N's undertaking to its clients is to be lean, flexible, innovative, responsive and focused. We purposely have chosen to remain lean so as to enable us to keep abreast of the rapidly changing business environment. These benefits are in turn passed on to our client.

Corporate Ethos
B & N offer strategic advice and a dedicated personal service. The partnership upholds integrity in all dealings, applying a strict principle-based code of conduct ensuring transparency. The partnership practices servant leadership and teamwork underpinned by principles of accountability, responsibility and authority, and at all time acknowledging that these principles are prerequisites for prosperity. Most importantly, B&N and its entities are committed to becoming the client¹s long-term partner of choice in financial matters.

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