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The industry
The investments industry is currently undergoing significant structural change in that the recent bear market has highlighted the limitations of long only investment structures.

Globally a big shift in the industry is afoot from relative to absolute performance, as a means of appraising performance of the respective investment vehicles.

The South African investment industry is currently deliberating to allow retail hedge funds to open, with a view of allowing the private investor to benefit from absolute return investments and also removing the "long only" constraints the retail investor has historically been subjected to.

The Association of Collective Investments (ACI) is currently in consultation with the Financial Services Board, compiling a framework by which the retail hedge fund industry is to be regulated. An initial document for comment within the industry is due for release by the end of the year. We will track and comment on any developments in this regard and publish the same on our website.

The markets
Our Chief Investment Officer, and co-founder, Adrian Bock has obtained extensive experience in the international markets whilst working at Deutsche Bank in London. Adrian spent time within the Global Equity Derivatives Area, Commodities, Fixed Income and Foreign Currency. Currently, on behalf of the partnership, we look at various futures contracts covering the broad investment areas, as defined above.

A technique has been developed internally, which we use to scour 85 different potential futures contracts, which we monitor daily for any potential movers. A listing of the markets we look at is available from Adrian Bock by email.

We monitor and trade global and local futures markets, and individual shares.

Our investment style
As previously mentioned, we have developed internally a trade identifier technique based essentially on various variable technical indicators and price patterns. This is run daily on our futures data feeds. Those trades, which highlight potential moves, are then analysed on a three-dimensional front, technical, fundamental and seasonal. Essentially we are happy to enter into short term trades based on technical indicators alone, provided they are reasonably conclusive ­ however, any medium to long term trades need to be backed up by favourable fundamentals and seasonal criteria too.

On long term trades we in turn may take positions on individual shares within a sector, should we feel specific shares with an identified futures sector may outperform.

Our vision
To have an established a verifiable superior investment return history in the absolute return investment field, initially for the benefit of the partnership and unsolicited investors, but ultimately when regulation allows, for the greater investing public.

Our vision is to become the retail hedge fund of choice.

Current services
The following services are obtainable on a subscription service basis:

- Daily US futures market commentary,
- Fortnightly technical analysis on global indices, commodities, bonds and currencies,
- Our current and past trades and there performances,
- Trades we are currently interested in, and
- Periodic analysis on futures and individual shares.

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